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Dental Care for a Healthy Life

Gum disease and decay in the tooth are caused by plaque, a sticky combination of food and bacteria. After eating, plaque begins to form on the teeth. If you do not clean the teeth well every day, plaque will lead to gum disease or tooth decay. If the plaque is not removed, a hard deposit called tartar is formed that is trapped at the base of the tooth. Tartar and plaque inflame and irritate the gums. The toxins and bacteria produced by them cause the gums to become tender, swollen, and infected. Children should be taught from an early age how to brush and floss for protecting their teeth. Tartar and plaque lead to various problems like cavities which are holes that help in damaging the structure of the teeth, gingivitis that lead to bleeding, inflamed and swollen gums, halitosis (bad breath) and periodontitis (damage of bone and ligaments that support the teeth). There are other health issues outside the mouth like heart disease, preterm labor and others can be noticed.


Regards: Alma Brown

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